Connecting customers to seafood resources in Qatar

Why buy from individual fish stores if you could compare prices and quality out of 100+ fish sellers listed in our website?

We aim to facilitate fast and easy availability of high quality fish and seafood products for consumers in Qatar. Customers can choose from a wide variety of fish products displayed in our site, which are available from 100+ sellers, and the chosen product will be delivered to their homes for the best price in the market.

Bulk Orders & Discounts

We accept bulk orders from customers, and will negotiate with sellers for the best price in market, and also offer periodic discounts and waivers depending on the total order value.

Cutting & Cleaning

Customers don’t need to worry about cutting and cleaning the fish, and neither about dumping the fish wastage and left-outs. Our professional cutters will clean the fish thoroughly, and deliver only the best part, and you can cook the fish as it is.

Fast Delivery

We offer fast delivery across Qatar, and have a professional delivery team who will deliver your product on time. The delivery time may vary depending on your location.

Return & Refund

If you have any complaint with the product delivered, you can claim for a refund within half an hour from delivery. Our quality control team will review the case, and if the complaint is found genuine, we will refund your amount.